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    Play & Learn
    Mentoring childhood for better future and society.


Our School playground is in a unique position to meet kids where they are, helping them become smarter, healthier and stronger through play.


JK Theater for Kids: Entertainment has always been a great helper to relieve any kind of stress, including those school students.


Good student-teacher communication and collaboration make school a good place to be, a place in which students feel comfortable to be themselves.
Welcome To Happy Feet Play School

content_img_1A unique creative programme for children from Class Pre-Nursery to Class V with Day Care Facility. A safe, secure and stimulating environment at our Day Care will ensure your child’s holistic growth in the most formative years of their life. Our endeavour is to partner a child’s growth and well-being. Our efficient and trained staff tenderly care for the little ones and professionally handle their sensitive needs.

Children are engaged in constructive and fun filled activities. Nutritious, healthy and yummy meals are provided during their time at the facility. We aim to instill fine values, good health and hygiene habits in all children entrusted in our care.

Our programmes for learning builds on the children’s knowledge and skill base, learning style and interests. Through a rich variety of projects children investigate the fascinating world in which they live, which enhances the development of emerging knowledge and skills. A balance of child-initiated and adult-planned guided learning across key areas of learning are provided for throughout the day.

  • Modern Refurbished Facilities
  • Fun Zone
  • Air-Conditioned Classroom
  • Pick & Drop Facility
  • Spacious Indoor & Outdoor Play Area
  • Highly Secured School Campus
  • Up to Date Resources and Development
  • Fully Qualified and Caring Staff
  • Technology Enabled Classroom
  • Splendid Swimming Pool
  • Wide and Varied Curriculum
  • Enclosed Outdoor Play Area


How To Enroll Your Child ?
Online Registration for provisional admission to Class Pre-Nursery to 5 in our school is open. Limited Seats, Hurry Up ! Apply Now.

Choose Your Children Future


Chairperson's Desk

The school strongly believes in empowering the students, awakening the feeling of empathy towards fellow being and excellence in scholastic and non- scholastic areas. J.K. Happy Feet Play School endeavours to fly high and the effort would be further made to a respectable height through outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff. Through the constant reinforcement of the core value, we can fully prepare our students for adult life.


We prepare students to place their skills at the service of the people. This social push will produce great change in the society. I hope that these visions are not to be held alone, it is indeed to be shared and we need to prove that with "Unity" and greatest strength, darkness of ignorance can be wiped off, enlightening every single soul.

Jitendra Singh

Chairperson, JK Group Of Companies

Cheif Executive Officer's Desk

With a confluence of cultures, practices, and beliefs the school community is a celebration of diversity. The fabric of school life is an assimilation of multiplicity that gives it its distinctive cosmopolitan ethos. The length and breadth of academia to cultural pursuits ranges from the classical music to the folk dances to the arts of the contemporary world, child is empowered to be a constant self-learner devoted to the pursuits of excellence as well as happiness.


In an environment that nourishes learning as much of the learner as of the teacher, that empowers with the freedom to innovate without the fear of failure, that believes truth to be the strength and celebrates plurality, the hall-mark of JK Happy Feet Play School remains0 students whose unique spirit is marked not by an axiom but the discovery of self.

Mr. Jeshu Pradhan

CEO, JK Group Of Companies

“An educational institution is not just about bricks, mortar and concrete, but about building character, enriching minds and about diverse experiences that lasts a lifetime”.

Chandra Sikha Singh

Vice Chairperson


Academic Co-ordinator's Desk

content_img_3Education is a journey of awareness and teachers are the builders of prosperity. Education which was hitherto considered to be an intangible process has now turned into a tangible and quantifiable concept. People no longer yearn for mere education but quality education. With the advent of a new order where emphasis is on quality, it is imperative for us to realize, the importance of introducing a quality education programme. Activities are tailor-made at Prasiddhi to help children ponder over issues of significance both to society and self. Students are trained to transform knowledge successfully into practical wisdom.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”. This famous saying by John Keats" lays greater emphasis on the essential nobility of human nature because of its over powering and all absorbing effect. From this aspect I believe that the child is the greatest thing of beauty and the greatestjoy is to see the child bloom into a caring and responsible human being.

Suman Kumari

Academic Co-ordinator, JK Happy Feet

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